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[INFO] Forever Sweet 23rd September, Digital Single!


Tablet Candy Pinky’s CM appearance (of Tohoshinki) has been confirmed.
Fruit Mint Shinki Itten version, Hard mint White Breath version
Each taste (the two versions above) will be combined into a CM and aired together on the 9th of September (Wednesday) on the national OA (?) !

Pinky Brand site (PC site)

The song used in this CM, Forever Sweet will be a digital single released on the 23rd September via PC.

On Mu-mo, the chorus version of the song will be released on 29 August!

More info:
The Chorus/handphone version released on Mu-mo is 26s and you can hear a lot of Jae’s voice

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TVXQ fans are out to protect TVXQ’s human rights.

TVXQ fans submitted a petition that had 121,073 signatures to the National Human Rights Commission of Korea on August 28th at 1:30 pm. The petition was full of the fans’ hopes for their stars to have lawful protection for their human rights.

TVXQ fans said, “The exclusive contract between TVXQ and SME is so unlawful and so violating of basic human rights that it is hard to believe that this is the contract between the nation’s best idol group and the nation’s best entertainment agency,” and “This contract shows the dark, sinister side of the Korean agency and is shocking the nation.”

Additionally, they said, “SME, through the fact that they have bound TVXQ to a 13 year contract that can be classified as a life-contract as that is almost how long the span of a singer’s career is and through an unchanging, slack management system, is violating and damaging the human rights of TVXQ and the value of TVXQ as artistes and as Korea’s youth”

TVXQ fans said, “We hope that they will be able to escape from this violation of human rights as quickly as possible and we hope that the National Human Rights Commission of Korea will help us protect the rights of TVXQ.”

TVXQ’s YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu filed for an Exclusive Contract Validity Suspension and Provisional Disposition Request against their agency SM Entertainment on July 31st.

Follwing this, TVXQ fans collected the signatures of 121073 people for an offline petition from August 12th to the 18th for 6 days and submitted this petition to the Seoul District Courts on the 20th.

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2AM’s Jokwon finally meets his match!


2AM’s Jokwon has finally met his ultimate rival! I didn’t think it was possible for another Jokwon to exist, but he does, and he’s Japanese!

On SBS Star King, a Japanese contestant named Taniguchi (27), who dreams of becoming a Korean entertainer, came on the show mimicking Jokwon – skinny jeans and all! He performed sexy girl group dances to a T, including 2NE1 and KARA, shocking the entire audience.

After that, he even challenged Jokwon to a dance off. Has Jokwon finally met his match? Find out when the episode airs on August 29th, 2009!

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Is Amber the Perfect Boyfriend?


With f(x)’s debut fast approaching, it seems that netizens have gone into overdrive attempting to find out as much about the group members as possible. Thanks to their Sherlock Holmes level snooping, we now have a better picture of the group member netizens have become so intrigued by.

Amber, the group’s androgynous 17 year old Chinese-American member is said to hail from Orange County California and was selected from an SM Entertainment global casting call in 2007. Since her arrival in Korea, Amber has established herself as a favorite among “Noonies”. The name comes from the response of “Noonas” (a boy’s elder sister) mistaking Amber for a boy at first; then later realizing that she is a girl and addressing themselves as “Unnies” (a girl’s elder sister).

It has been revealed that Noonies go to great lengths to learn more about her. A female clerk noonie purposefully made mistakes with Amber’s store purchase in order to coerce the girl to talk to her.

  • Noonies have asked Amber her blood type, which happens to be B.
  • They know that Amber, like her boyish persona, demonstrates what they feel are masculine qualities.
  • If Amber sees a girl holding something heavy, she will insist on carrying it herself.
  • When walking across the street, she checks for cars then leads her companions across the street gently by their arms.
  • She has often been seen walking around Seoul with Korean-American member Krystal (15) while speaking English; and was often mistaken for Krystal’s boyfriend because of her appearance.
  • She currently shares a dorm room with Korean member Sulli (15) and Chinese member Victoria (22)
  • She and Krystal have a brotherly relationship and like to joke around
  • One day when Victoria was sick, Amber was spotted entering the dorm with one arm wrapped around her while carrying multiple bags in the other.
  • source: seoulbeats
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    a-nation’09 BEST HIT SELECTION - Music Clip Edition (micro SD)


    Tanggal rilis : 1 Agustus 2009
    Harga : 2.000 yen

    Deskripsi produk:

    Video Clip untuk Lagu-lagu yang akan ditampilkan pada acara A-Nation sekarang dapat dinikmati pada Telepon Selular.
    Dengan dirilisnya MicroSD ini dapat menonton video clip dimana saja dan kapan saja dengan menggunakan Telepon Selular.

    Stiker ‘Blue Teddy’ Ukuran A4, 1 lbr

    Daftar Video Clip:

    ●浜崎あゆみ/Hamasaki Ayumi = 「glitter」
    ●東方神起/Tohoshinki = 「Survivor」
    ●大塚 愛/Ai Otsuka = 「バイバイ」/bye bye
    ●Every Little Thing = 「Dear My Friend」
    ●LINDBERG = 「今すぐKiss Me」/Imasugu – Kiss Me
    ●島谷ひとみ/Hitomi Shimatani = 「Perseus -ペルセウス-」
    ●鈴木亜美/Ami Suzuki = 「Reincarnation」
    ●GIRL NEXT DOOR = 「Seeds of dream」
    ●AAA = 「MUSIC!!!」
    ●Do As Infinity = 「本日ハ晴天ナリ」/honjitsu ha seiten nari
    ●BoA = 「永遠」/Eien
    ●hitomi = 「WORLD! WIDE! LOVE!」
    ●倖田來未/Koda Kumi = 「Run For Your Life」
    ●TRF = 「Live Your Days」

    MicroSD tsb hanya bisa digunakan untuk Telepon Selular :
    DoCoMo, au, SoftBank
    dan untuk type2 tertentu.

    Source: Mumo Shop
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    [INFO] Title of 2nd Track for the Colors Single!

    The 2nd track for the Colors Single is called “Shelter”


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    [INFO] Top 25 Penjualan Goodies A-NATION ’09

    1      東方神起      フェイスタオル(towel)

    2   東方神起  ラバーストラップ (mobile strap)

    3      浜崎あゆみ    キーホルダー

    4      東方神起      うちわ (Fan)

    5      浜崎あゆみ    スポーツタオル

    6      東方神起      PLEASE BE MINE All About 東方神起 Season3 Preview Storybook

    7      倖田來未        a-nation’09アクリルヘアゴム

    8      倖田來未        a-nation’09スポーツタオル

    9      a-nation      a-nation’09×PINK PANTHER フェイスタオル

    10    浜崎あゆみ    テイクアウトバッグ

    11    浜崎あゆみ    ストラップ(CLEAR)

    12    浜崎あゆみ    ストラップ(BLUE)

    13    浜崎あゆみ    スポーツタオル

    14    浜崎あゆみ    ジャンボタオル

    15    東方神起      ドリンクボトル (bavarages bottle)

    16    東方神起      レジャーシート ( レジャ ー シ ー ト ( Leisure Sheet )

    17    東方神起      テイクアウトバッグ (bag)

    18    a-nation      a-nation’09×PINK PANTHER ぬいぐるみ

    19    東方神起      4th LIVE TOUR 2009 ~The Secret Code~ FINAL in TOKYO DOME パンフレット (Brosur)

    20    東方神起      B2ポスター (Poster)

    21    浜崎あゆみ    うちわ

    22    東方神起      瞬間冷却パック(3個入り)(cooling pack)

    23    浜崎あゆみ    ステッカー

    24    AAA              AAAオリジナル型ライト

    25    m.o.v.e        キャップ

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    The plan to create dramas by the Japan-Korea combination is in the works. The idea is that Eriko Kitagawa, Shizuka Oishi and Miho Nakazonoa, who are all top writers of Japanese drama scripts, are to write scripts casting Korean stars such as TVXQ. All seven parts have been already completed and after this autumn, they are to be aired sequentially in both countries.

    By “mutual entry,” it deepens the interchange of the people concerned and it is said that the participating parties aim more drama market expansion in Asia in the near future.

    There is also the expectation of “breakthrough” in the Korean television industry which has a high regulation for Japanese dramas that are being aired. (Editor: Yoshihiro Kita)

    The Japan-Korea telecinema planning meeting was held with Jaejoong from TVXQ, an immensely popular group in Japan, and Korean star Chi Jini, who starred in the popular Korean drama (in Japan) “Oath of Changum” (more info here) and many other popular stars attended. The seven parts of the dramas were created with help from Japanese scriptwriters. A preview starts in August at movie theaters in Seoul, Korea. These dramas will be aired on TV and shown in cinemas after this coming autumn.

    Both the Japanese and Korean sides will assemble full force in Seoul in the middle of September, and there will be many promotional events. In Japan, Asahi National Broadcasting will be airing these dramas in the future.

    Chief Director Shinnichi Ichikawa of the Association of Japanese Broadcast Writers called for this plan and seven Japanese scripwriters wrote original pieces. The making of the scenes and the photography have been pushed forward from summer last year.

    The “taste” of dramas and how productions are lead are considerably different in Japan and in Korea. Sin Hyontek, the chairsperson of Korea / Miwa Networks (in-charge of this production) described that “Koreans love dramas that are alive with tears and laughter. Japanese dramas have this depth that is internal.” Also, Korean production is faster than the Japanese.

    There are such differences and in the production spot, it was said that the Japanese scriptwriters received Korean supervision and the actors encouraged each other a lot. Chief Director Ichikawa mentioned that “Scriptwriters do not change their scripts easily even if revision is ordered by a supervisor.” As a result of some of the “clash,” a new charm may have been born between Japan and Korea.

    A Korean drama earned popularity in Japan for these past few years and there was the feeling of one-sided unfavourable balance of the trade. Chief Director Ichikawa said, “Korean directors are excellent and their sense of work is very good, too.” Japan must make a drama that is acceptable in the whole of Asia in the near future.Triggered by this plan, it is expected that the Japanese and Korean’s co-created drama will sell in the whole Asian market.

    Source: The Sankei News
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    [NEWS] 090827 A-nation ’09 DVD To Be Released

    A-nation ’09”, an activity where popular Korean acappella group TVXQ participated in, recorded a Live DVD of their activity.

    A-nation ’09 BEST HIT LIVE” will be released in a limited edition box set which comes with the original t-shirt, as well as a normal edition. Both versions will be released on 18 November, by AVEX.

    Source: [HB允浩家族]
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    [NEWS] DBSK’s Expected 2 Months Break

    Dong Bang Shin Ki outdoor concert, a-nation that is pre-scheduled to be held on August 29th in Osaka, Japan will keep going on.

    After the provisional disposition facing DBSK’s agent SM Entertainment to stop exclusive contract effect from part of DBSK members, it’s been a difficult environment for DBSK to continue their activities, therefore the continuance of DBSK future activities has been gathered lot of fans’ attention ever since.

    Recently DBSK’s Korea label SM Entertainment and Japanese label AVEX don’t catch any additional schedules other than ones have been pre-arranged. Except Yunho who will debut in MBC drama “Heading to The Ground”, the remaining members are said to be having break naturally (T/N: I’m not sure why the reporter doesn’t mention Changmin as well)

    Members activities will be stopped at least for 2 months is being certain, but members’ concert in Shanghai that has been planned to proceed on October 2nd is expected to be executed.

    The provisional disposition againts SM Entertainment filed by 3 DBSK members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu has received its first hearing on August 21st in the morning. The judge at that time said, “For the sake of public responsible to DBSK biggest fans and also the members internal relationship, I hope the two sides to consider settlement of this dispute amicably.” advising for a consensus.

    Next hearing will be held on September 11th.

    Source: pressdot @
    Trans: SYC @ Wp
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