Posted by: Ordinary12 | August 26, 2009

Peek into LSM’s home, anyone?


Catching attention of the netizens recently is the office-home where SM Entertainment’s President, Lee SooMan (age 57) is residing in.

Lets just say, it’s located in KangNam… (aka. Korean Beverly Hills).

The office-home that Lee SooMan resides in is located in KangNam, and is one of the most luxurious building there.

The building itself is composed of 23 floors, where each floor the sizes range from 55 ~ 118 (average Korean houses : 20’s). The biggest floor, 118, has a set payment of 200,000 and a payment of 9,000~ 10,000 in a month.

A view of Han Kang River is accessible and the furniture are mainly imported from Germany, USA, and Sweden. Lee SooMan is assumed to live in the 15th floor, room numbers 1504 and 1505.

Supposedly, this office-home is also supposed to be used for the court trial with SM Entertainment and Dong Bang Shin Ki.






Netizens say:

  • “That is supposed to be DBSK’s money”
  • “He looks like a bus driver ajusshi”
  • “That does not look like a house, more like a hotel”

source: sookyeong

shared by: ordinary12@wordpress

setuju dah ama netizens!!! hahaha…

kayaknya sekarang bukan jamannya lagi ya bash artis??? yang di bash malah bosnya.. hahaha..

gileee.. itu rumah apa hotelll??????



  1. omonaa
    ini rumah pa apa sehh?!?!
    gede banget
    tuh LSM kagak ada syukur2nya yah

    da rumah bagus juga


  2. Ini mah hotel..
    Bukan rumah!!
    SM!!!! GRRRRRRR!!!
    Ud kaya mpe kek gne jga masi marukna minta ampun..

    Eh ia lupa ga bole bash..
    XD XD


  3. ckckck…
    Ce, u kan tulis na d rules “Dilarang mem-BASH anggota boy band/ girl band manapun”
    nah.. ga bilang produser na kan????
    kan dy bkn anggota BoyBand ato GirlBand manapun… akwkakwakwkaw….
    bole donk? bole donk????


  4. Eeeee~
    Ia ya??
    Ia jg c..
    XD XD XD

    Bner jg kata u..
    Brarti ne c SM bole kt bash donk ya??
    XD XD


  5. LSM gag tw d untg
    paan thu
    tnggl d kangnam ja ud syukur bgd
    hum da kyk htel bntang 5
    mch gag tw d untg

  6. iee..
    msih maruk ae..
    ksian DBSK..
    ruma LSM ud kek hotel bintang 5.. ud kek president suit


  7. Emg..
    Rasana pengen g bakar tw ga..


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