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Rumoured new SM girlgroup to debut soon?

There has been rumours that this new girl group, said to be named Crystal, that SM Entertainment is set to debut will debut within this year.

There are also rumours that they have recently had their showcase this month. And following that of their seonbae SHINee and So Nyeo Shi Dae, they are expected to debut in a few months’ time.

There has been many discussions online about this new girl group. And they are said to be the group which SM will send to China for activities, with So Nyeo Shi Dae securing the girlgroup crown in Korea.

Some revealed online that the girls had their official before-debut showcase on 7th July. And like how SHINee and So Nyeo Shi Dae had debuted a few months after their before-debut showcase, they are said to be debuting this year.

There are 5 members seen doing the showcase:
-Chinese member Victoria (1987)
-First time reveal trainee member Amber (1992)
-Park SeonYeong (1993)
-Choi SeolRi (1994)
-Krystal Jung (1994)

#1 Victoria Song (Song Chi Yen)

Chinese | 1987.02.02


-Spris model with Lee JunKi
-Smart model with SHINee
-Samsung LCD model in China
-Anycall Anydream CF with Rain in China
-CF in Beijing with Dong Bang Shin Ki and Super Junior
-Starred in SHINee ‘Noona is so pretty’ MV
-Starred in KangTa ‘Eternity’ MV
-Starred in Super Junior M ‘U’ MV
-Photoshoot with SHINee for Vogue Girl December 08 issue


#2 Choi Seol Ri (Choi JinRi)

Korean | 1994.03.29


-2005 Pretty Children award
-Maru Child clothing model
-Casted for SM trainee in 2005 after drama ‘SeoDongYo Legendary princess’
-Starred in drama ‘Love needs no miracle’
-Starred in drama ‘꽃분이가 왔습니다’
-Starred in movie ‘From fool’ as little Ha JiWon
-Starred in movie ‘Punch Lady’
-Starred as Young JinJoo in ‘Vacation’
-Starred in Pepero CF


#3 Krystal Jung (Jung SooJeong)

America | 1994.10.24 | SNSD Jessica’s younger sister


-Starred in SHINee ‘Juliette’ MV
-YuHan Kimberly CF
-OhDduKi Curry CF
-Lotte CF
-Orion ChocoPie CF
-SK, LG Telecom CF
-Mr.Yoon English class CF


#4 Park Seon Yeong

Korean | 1993.08.12

-Casted as SM trainee after appearing as WaveGirl for Jinsil game
-Photo below taken 4 years back. SM has refused to up any new photos of her recently


#5 Amber

American Chinese | 1992

-Known to look like DongHae, and has a boyish style


source: sookyeong

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  1. wah2..girl band bru..
    mdah2an aj bguz n gak bnyk tingkah.. haha..
    yg Choi JinRi yg maen d vacation YC kn yg jdi nak kcil tuh?? haha..
    akhirny inget jga g biz ssah pyah inget2.. haha..

  2. Hah??
    Masa c yen??
    Yg jadi ank kecil yg mana??
    G lupa..

    Muda”an ga byk tingkah d..
    Mpe byk tingkah, ud dpastikan lgs jadi AF g..
    xD xD


  3. yg d Vacation YC??? yg jdi ank kcil cewe na y???


  4. u inget gak vacation YC yg dy kmbali k mza kcilny yg jdi ceny tuh dy tuh.. cba u liat aj vdeony.. g jga inget2 bru inget.. haha..

    haha.. bner bget!! ogah akh jdi AF mlez!! haha..
    plink keq ShtiD bnci2 gtu..
    ad tuh yg keq co bget!! sumpah co abiz.. haha..

  5. Oooooooooo~
    Ia ia inget..
    U tw ga??
    G thu bacana vacation YH.. Bukan YC..
    Makana g bingung..

    Ia emg!!
    Kelamin ganda!!
    XD XD


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